Cell noise is a very general purpose algorithm. It can be used for the most diverse processes. This is why I think it's suited as a library in the Processing environment (processing.org).

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The cell noise (or Worley noise as it's sometimes called) is in combination with Perlin noise (already implemented in the Processing core) one of the most important pattern generation algorithms in the current animation scene. It can in many ways be used like Perlin noise, like fractal addition/multiplication of different octaves of the same noise pattern.


2008-11-26 - Updated the library according to the Processing 1.0 library guidelines.

2007-05-02 - No news in a long time. If anybody did something fun with the cell noise, please drop me an email and I put a link somewhere here!

2007-12-10 - Found a video by mb09 done with Processing and the Cell Noise Library.

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